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Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach (textbook published in 2000)


If you like the knowledge shared in any of these writings, please feel free to use it, spread it and refine it. Otherwise, please ignore.

Latest Research

Introducing Pushya-paksha Ayanamsa
Explains the weaknesses of popular Lahiri ayanamsa and introduces a new ayanamsa along with the rationale

Upanishadic Pancha Koshas & Vedic Astrology Charts
Vedic scriptures called Upanishads speak of 5 sheaths that we are all made of - the sheaths of matter, vital life force, mind, wisdom and bliss. This landmark research maps these sheaths to Vedic astrology charts.

Unified Nakshatra Dasa Approach
Presents a unified methodology deduced from Parasara's teachings, for picking 1 dasa in any chart from among Vimsottari dasa and 9 conditional nakshatra dasas

Re-defining Tajaka Varshaphal Chart (with 30 examples)
The proposed change in Tajaka varshaphal chart calculation is inspired by Parasara's teachings to Maitreya in "Vishnu Purana".

Solar return charts are used in both Indian and western astrology, but neither got it right. One system uses correct zodiac with incorrect definition of year, while the other system uses the correct definition of year with incorrect zodiac. This groundbreaking research demonstrates how things work better if we take the best of both systems.

Re-defining Tithi Pravesha Chart (with 30 examples)
This research goes together with the above research.

Re-defining Lunar New Year Chart (with 25 examples)
There are several lunar new year charts in different traditions, in India and elsewhere. This article logically deduces the correct definition and demonstrates it with many examples. Similar astrological signatures are shown in multiple incidents of events like terrorist attacks, natural calamities, epidemics, financial crises, scientific breakthroughs etc.

Transits and Nakshatra Dasa Progression (with 25 examples)
This article treats nakshatra dasa as a progression and correlates it with transits, to time important events. The basic idea is very very simple and yet very powerful!

Two Novel Transit Principles: Based on Objective Longitude Correlations
Check out example 15 to see how the same transit 'signature' is present in several important events in Sachin Tendulkar's career!

Unlocking the Power of Parasara's Chara Dasa (with 36 examples)
A couple of innovative changes in Chara dasa computation make it work much better, without even using chara karakas, arudha padas, rasi drishti, argalas etc, i.e. with just houses, house lords and graha drishti!

Older Researches

These writeups may be employing ayanamsa or divisional chart calculations that I do not support anymore. In time, they may be updated to be consistent with newer research findings.

Correct Siddhamsa Chart of Parasara

Parasara's Hora Chart Decoded: Uma-Shambhu Hora

Impact of Transit Conjunctions on Natal Points: A Research

Transits and Vimsottari Dasa Progression: A Specific Correlation

Padamsas and Tranits: A Research Finding

Transit of Nakshatra Dasa Lord: A Specific Principle

Stationary Planets in Transit (A Research)

Parasara's Atma Karaka Kendradi Graha Dasa

Parasara's Kala and Chakra Dasas

Parasara's Sthira Dasa

Parasara's Drigdasa

Parasara's Chara Karakas

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Vedic Wisdom (collection of writings on spiritual matters in vedic-wisdom yahoogroup)


Importance and Relevance of Homam as a Spiritual Sadhana

The "vedic-wisdom" yahoogroup is dedicated to discussing matters related to spirituality, Sanatana dharma and understanding the true meaning of the teachings of rishis on dharma and spirituality. The following is a sampling of some of my writings there.

A Parable: Realization, Religion, Pseudo-wisdom & Sadhana Message 8561
On many identities, who am I really: Message 7084
What articles are required in an "ideal pooja room": Message 830
On the deeper meaning of Mantra Pushpam: Message 7015
On multiple spiritual paths (a detailed analogy): Message 361 and Message 367
On what Dasa Mahavidyas represent: Message 8427
On how [not] to judge spiritual progress: Message 7948
On the stages in spiritual sadhana: Message 8244
Why meditate on sound patterns like beejaaksharas and mantras: Message 832
On how mantras work (good to read after message 832 above): Message 498 and Message 956
On the wasting of prana (life force): Message 7860
On why certain associate deities are worshipped in Satya Narayana pooja: Message 7795
An example of mystical experiences given by mantras: Message 951
How different mantras work and fail (an analogy): Message 922
On technicalities that block people's spiritual progress: Message 381
On keeping the mind focused during meditation: Message 1172
On what really matters in spiritual sadhana: Message 964
On the exchange between external & internal worlds: Message 8016
On ownership vs caretakership: Message 7989
On the Gayatri mantra and true purpose of spiritual sadhana: Message 711
On the meaning of seven tongues of fire in homam: Message 1174
On creation, god, karma and karmaphala: Message 534
On new karmas vs resisting the fruits of past karmas: Message 394
On the working of Veda mantras vs other mantras in today's times: Message 892
On the problem of pride even in spiritual sadhana: Message 733
On the role played by a guru (includes a personal account): Message 382 and Message 391
One example of the symbols in rituals: Message 756
On looking for tangible results and mystical experiences: Message 648 and Message 632
On the challenge of brahmacharya: Message 578
On mixing up duality and non-duality: Message 671
Why worship planets and deities instead of one supreme god: Message 126
On mystical experiences and not being distracted: Message 611
On the pronunciation of mantras and accompanying thoughts: Message 615
On moksha as an end vs moksha as a continuum: Message 438
On ladies performing funeral rites: Message 8033
On the nuances of personal dharma: Message 437