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P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

Importance and Relevance of Homa as a Spiritual Sadhana

The "vedic-wisdom" yahoogroup is dedicated to discussing matters related to spirituality, Sanatana dharma and understanding the true meaning of the teachings of rishis on dharma and spirituality. The following is a sampling of some of my writings there.

A Parable: Realization, Religion, Pseudo-wisdom & Sadhana Message 8561

On many identities, who am I really: Message 7084

What articles are required in an "ideal pooja room": Message 830

On the deeper meaning of Mantra Pushpam: Message 7015

On multiple spiritual paths (a detailed analogy): Message 361 and Message 367

I wrote bits and pieces on Kundalini here and there before, but wanted to capture key points in a single writing

I want to put Adwaita (non-dualism) and Dwaita (dualism) in perspective today, using an analogy. More here.

I want to share a parable related to self-realization, heaven, religion, pseudo-wisdom, sadhana etc. More here.

It has been more than a month since my father left this plane. I want to write a few words about him. More here.

On curses on powerful mantras and curse relieving mantras: More here.

Someone asked in a different thread how to recognize a "Realized Guru". I'll give my 2 cents on this.. More here.

Many people mistake "detachment" as aversion for the world. Aversion is a negative *attachment*, i.e. NOT detachment. More here.

Some people believe that mantras have an inherent power and make things happen magically. Though there is some truth to it, it is not entirely accurate. More here.

On Rishi, Chhandas, Beeja, Shakti, Keelaka & Nyasas: More here.

Hidden Meaning of Bhrigu's story: More here.

Worship of "Formless": More here.

Puranic stories as external metaphors for internal realities: More here.

Weapons of Deities in Hindu Iconography: More here.

Many well-intentioned people are doing their best to "eat healthy" and yet suffering, simply because there is much misinformation about "healthy food" out there in our pop culture. I'll try to give some basic guidelines on healthy eating in simple lingo. Link: More here.

On the very important nasal cycle and swara shastra: More here.

On the nuances of Vastu shastra: More here.

A discussion between Sage Suka and King Janaka in "Devi Bhagavatam" is a classic. When Suka did not want to marry, his father Vyasa sent him to Janaka and Janaka dispelled the notion that marriage and children are a bondage. Link: More here.

On what Dasa Mahavidyas represent: Message 8427

On how [not] to judge spiritual progress: Message 7948

On the stages in spiritual sadhana: Message 8244

Why meditate on sound patterns like beejaaksharas and mantras: Message 832

On how mantras work (good to read after message 832 above): Message 498 and Message 956

On the wasting of prana (life force): Message 7860

On why certain associate deities are worshipped in Satya Narayana pooja: Message 7795

An example of mystical experiences given by mantras: Message 951

How different mantras work and fail (an analogy): Message 922

On technicalities that block people's spiritual progress: Message 381

On keeping the mind focused during meditation: Message 1172

On what really matters in spiritual sadhana: Message 964

On the exchange between external & internal worlds: Message 8016

On ownership vs caretakership: Message 7989

On the Gayatri mantra and true purpose of spiritual sadhana: Message 711

On the meaning of seven tongues of fire in homa: Message 1174

On creation, god, karma and karmaphala: Message 534

On new karmas vs resisting the fruits of past karmas: Message 394

On the working of Veda mantras vs other mantras in today's times: Message 892

On the problem of pride even in spiritual sadhana: Message 733

On the role played by a guru (includes a personal account): Message 382 and Message 391

One example of the symbols in rituals: Message 756

On looking for tangible results and mystical experiences: Message 648 and Message 632

On the challenge of brahmacharya: Message 578

On mixing up duality and non-duality: Message 671

Why worship planets and deities instead of one supreme god: Message 126

On mystical experiences and not being distracted: Message 611

On the pronunciation of mantras and accompanying thoughts: Message 615

On moksha as an end vs moksha as a continuum: Message 438

On ladies performing funeral rites: Message 8033

On the nuances of personal dharma: Message 437

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