Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.2


Please Update to Jagannatha Hora 7.2


My best wishes for a pleasant Rishi Panchami!

Please update to Jagannatha Hora 7.2. It is available now.

The previous version 7.1 released in March had some serious problems. It was running noticeably SLOWER than previous 7.02 version and also could not make charts older than 3000 BC. These problems are fixed.

The default ayanamsa is changed from "Lahiri (Chitrapaksha)" in 7.02 to "Modified Lahiri (Chitrapaksha, mean plane)" in 7.2. If you do not like it, you can change it back using the "Preferences" menu.

Even the regular Lahiri ayanamsa implemented in 7.02 had a minor error and it is corrected in 7.2. However, I recommend using "Modified Lahiri" instead of regular "Lahiri". This modified Lahiri ayanamsa fixes the zodiacal plane as the mean Sun-earth plane, instead of taking a variable oscillating Sun-earth plane to project the planetary longitudes.

I will be away in India for 5 weeks from Monday and not checking emails. Please do not send me any emails. Please use the yahoogroup "jhora" for discussing issues related to this software release and getting suggestions from others.

Best regards,
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