Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.32


Download Jagannatha Hora 7.32


Happy Makara Sankranthi to all of you!

An important update 7.32 is available for download now.

- Some bugs in modified Lahiri ayanamsas are fixed. Now, all ayanamsas are reliable. Apart from the regular Lahiri ayanamsa, two variations are available:

(1) True Chitrapaksha ayanamsa: This fixes Chitra star at 180 deg always. With regular Lahiri ayanamsa, Chitra star wobbles around 180 deg.

(2) Jagannatha ayanamsa (thanks to Pt Sanjay Rath for suggesting this name): This fixes Chitra star at 180 deg always and also fixes the two-dimensional plane on which planetary positions are projected to Vishnunabhi plane (solar system rotation plane). In regular Lahiri, Chitra wobbles around 180 deg and the two-dimensional plane of planetary longitudes wobbles around the Vishnunabhi plane.

- Krishna mishra navamsa is added (thus, three navamsa options are available - Parasari, Kalachakra and Krishna mishra).

- Bhrigu bindu calculation is fixed.

- The starting point options existing in Vimsottari dasa (i.e. ability to start dasa from Moon, lagna, kshema tara, utpanna tara, aadhaana tara, bhrigu bindu, pranapada, maandi, gulika, longitudes of various planets, Indu lagna, Trisphuta etc) are extended to all conditional nakshatra dasas. For example, you can now find Sataabdika dasa from lagna instead of Moon.

- Yogi, sahayogi and avayogi planets are shown.

- Charts notes (*.txt file) are saved in the same directory where the chart (*.jhd file) is saved. Earlier, the behavior was indeterminate and the chart notes were lost sometimes.

- When you save a chart as a bitmap for pasting later into an electronic document, it gives a dialog box to choose the file to save.

- If one has a display with a horizontal size more than 1280 (e.g. 1440x1080 or 1600x1200 or 1920x1080), than a "packed chart mode" is available. Next to dasa calculations etc, one can see 6 different divisional charts (instead of normal two). One can turn this on/off based on how big one's monitor is.

- Some miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

* * *

This is an important update and Jagannatha Hora is a lot more stable and robust now than in the past. Getting updates will also be easier from now onwards. One can just download a 1 MB file and run it to install updates.