Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.33


Update to Jagannatha Hora 7.33

Namaste friends,

I am pleased to release Jagannatha Hora 7.33. This is the best, most stable, most complete and most bug-free version of JHora released so far. Everybody should update to this version. If you have version 7.3 or a later version, the update to 7.33 is only 1 MB in size.

There are several improvements and bug-fixes. Some of them are listed below:

(1) Jagannatha Hora uses "Swiss Ephemeris" as the planetary calculation engine. The Swiss Ephemeris DLL used by JHora was version 1.64.01 from *June 2002*. It is updated now to version 1.76 from "April 2009*. This brings in several bug-fixes and improvements made in Swiss Ephemeris since June 2002. A notable improvement occurred in version 1.70, where they improved the calculation algorithms to satisfy the latest IAU recommendations. They made the precession model more accurate among other things. For modern dates, this improvement in accuracy makes a difference of a less than a fraction of arc-sec. In fact, for dates after 1000 BC, the difference is less than 1 arc-sec. So it does not matter much. However, for really old dates (e.g. Krishna's chart), this can make a difference of several arc-min in some planets (especially Moon), which can change some divisional charts sometimes. In addition to this improvement in accuracy, several minor bugs, including some in eclipse times, were also fixed.

(2) Weekday and kaala bala of shadbala were miscalculated in old versions of JHora for dates older than 1830 AD. This is fixed now.

(3) In computing SAV, there is an option now to add eight ashtakavargas instead of seven.

(4) Varjya and durmuhurta are added in panchanga. A portion is each nakshatra is marked as varjya (avoidable) and a portion of each weekday is marked as durmuhurta (bad time) and they are avoided traditionally in muhurtas.

(5) Panchanga calculations erroneously showed asterisk on several times sometimes. It is fixed and panchanga page is accurate now.

(6) Vimsottari dasa based on divisional longitudes is fixed.

(7) Ketu's nakshatra transit in mundane tab is fixed now.

(8) Saturn/Ketu exception is restored in antardasas of old style SJC drigdasa. This was erroneously removed when Parasara's drigdasa was added.

(9) Chara dasa of Iranganti Rangacharya is fixed now. This was coded by Shanmukha Teli, who becomes the first person other than me to do coding for JHora (thank you Shanmukha!).

(10) You can resize various frames and save the sizes and use them in future. Check "Preferences related to display".

(11) A menu was added in "View" to show current preference settings (jhora.ini file content). If users reporting problems can send this file to me, it will help me use the same settings and reproduce problems that occur with specific combination of preference settings and debug them.

(12) Warning: There is a nisheka/aadhaana chakra feature, but it is still a work in progress. It is unreliable. Do not use it now. It will be improved in future.

There are several other minor bug-fixes and improvements.

Best regards,
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