Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.4


Jagannatha Hora 7.4 Available Now!

Namaste friends,

I am pleased to release Jagannatha Hora 7.4. This release has a lot of useful new features for research and a lot of bug-fixes that address instabilities. This is the most complete and stable Jagannatha Hora ever. It is strongly recommended that everyone having JHora should update to this version.

You can download the full version or short version or just a 1.5 MB update if you have a working copy of JHora 7.3 or later on your computer. The details are mentioned on the JHora homepage:

* * *

The main features added in JHora 7.4 (compared to JHora 7.33) are listed here. There are several other bug-fixes.

(1) Bhava arudha pada calculation has a new option now (not the default) to find bhava arudha padas based on exact longitudes. This will allow you to replicate the calculations in the free article "Padamsas and Tranits: A Research Finding" at

(2) The Vimsottari dasa based progressed chart where lagna, nine planets and other Vimsottari dasa start points (including user defined special point and special lagna) are progressed based on the Vimsottari dasa progression is supported now. This will allow you to replicate the calculations in the free article "Transits and Vimsottari Dasa Progression: A Specific Correlation" at and do further researches.

(3) In addition, progressed charts based on Yogini dasa, Kalachakra dasa and Sudarsana Chakra dasa are also available, enabling further researches into fine quantitative correlations between dasa based progressed charts and transit charts.

(4) Gunanka scores based on ashtakoota (eight-factor) horoscope matching for marriage are included now. Please click "View" and "Horoscope Matching Score" or the icon in the toolbar with a man and woman. If you enter the nakshatra and pada of bride/bridegroom, gunanka score and classification will be shown.

(5) JHora's "mundane" tab now has a button to locate the stationary transits of planets. This will allow you to replicate the calculations in the free article "Stationary Planets in Transit (A Research)" at

(6) The graha drishti of various planets on various houses from lagna, various planets and other bodies and various houses from various arudha padas (if longitude-based arudha padas are used) is evaluated and displayed in an aspect view. One can mix and match different divisional charts and natal chart/transit chart. One can evaluate aspects of D-9 longitudes of transit planets on D-10 logngitudes of natal planets for example. Aspects are quantified and shown as percentages, using Parasara's formulas for evaluating longitude-based aspects.

(7) JHora was only giving Ishta phala and Kashta phala calculated based on Dr Raman's book on balas earlier. JHora now also gives Ishta Phala and Kashta Phala of Parasara, as defined in BPHS. In addition, JHora now gives Uchcha rashmi, Cheshta rashmi, Subha rashmi and Asubha rashmi of seven planets, as defined by Parasara in BPHS.

(8) Bhava/chalit chakras of divisional charts using various bodies as reference (e.g. lagna, Moon, Jupiter, GL etc) are now available based on divisional longitudes. House system chosen by user (e.g. Sripathi) is applied only to bhava chart of D-1 when lagna is used as the reference and an equal 30-deg house system is applied to bhava charts of other divisional charts such as D-9 and D-10 or when a reference other than lagna is used in D-1. However, user selection for whether the reference is the beginning or middle of a house is applied to bhava charts of all divisional charts from all references.

(9) The ability to find nakshatras and nakshatra dasas based on the sidereal zodiac even when using tropical zodiac for all other calculations was added. Check the new checkbox in ayanamsa option dialog box.

(10) Saptarshi nakshatra dasa taught by Pt Sanjay Rath in his "Brihat Nakshatra" book is added.

(11) Avayogi calculation had a bug that affected 50% charts. It is fixed now.

(12) When listing yogi, sahayogi and avayogi, now the exact longitudes of yoga and avayoga points are also mentioned. They are also available in the basic longitude window now and you can see their divisional longitudes too. Some scholars consider them important in transits (thanks to Sri Ramadas Rao for the suggestion).

(13) A toolbar has been added at the top to add/subtract time (in units of 1 sec, 15 sec, 1 min, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month and 1 year) with the click of a button.

(14) In all nakshatra dasas (Vimsottari, Ashtottari, Yogini etc), a new option is added now and it will be remembered when you close and re-open. This option governs how antardasas are found. Suppose mahadasas are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and you need antardasas in mahadasa F. The following six options are supported:

F, G, H, A, B, C, D, E (start from the dasa lord and go forward)
F, E, D, C, B, A, H, G (start from the dasa lord and go backward)
G, H, A, B, C, D, E, F (start from the next dasa lord and go forward)
G, F, E, D, C, B, A, H (start from the next dasa lord sign and go backward)
E, F, G, H, A, B, C, D (start from the previous dasa lord and go forward)
E, D, C, B, A, H, G, F (start from the previous dasa lord and go backward)

The default for Shodasottari is the 6th option. The default for Ashtottari dasa and Dwadasottari dasa is the 3rd option. For others, 1st option is the default. However, you can experiment any option with any nakshatra dasa and draw your conclusions!

(15) Previously only Vimsottari dasa could be started from nakshatras occupied by references in divisional charts. Though the dasa options dialog box gave the divisional chart selection for other nakshatra dasas also, it had no effect. This has been fixed. All nakshatra dasas can now be computed based on the nakshatra occupied by references in divisional charts.

(16) Sahamas found in JHora were sometimes using day time formula instead of night time formula or vice versa, when calculated for the first time with a birthdata. On a data update, they would be fixed. This is corrected now.

(17) Daylight savings time changes made in Canada in 2006 are now implemented in JHora. Changes in US have already been implemented, but changes in Canada were missed.

(18) "Uniform Krishna Mishra navamsa" based on my independent interpretation of Krishna Mishra's verses on navamsa is added. This version results in a chart that represents all signs uniformly, whereas the version of Krishna Mishra navamsa shared by Shanmukha earlier, which is also supported in JHora, is biased towards some signs, i.e. some signs occur 12 times, some signs occur 9 times and some signs occur only 6 times. In uniform variation, all signs occur 9 times.

(19) The defaults in JHora are historically set to various values and I tend to not change defaults as that seems to create confusion. However, my own recommendations have evolved over the time. I added a menu item to set preferences to my liking ("Preferences" >> "Related to calculations" >> "Set Calculation Options as recommended by author"). If you click it, all preferences (ayanamsa, sunrise, chara karaka definition etc) will be set based on what *I* recommend.

(20) Import/export feature of preferences is added. If you select "File", "Export preferences (.ini file)", it will save the preferences to a .ini file with the location and file name selected by user through a file save dialog box. If you select "File", "Import preferences (.ini file)", it will load the preferences from a .ini file with location and name selected by user through a file open dialog box. This enables you to back up your settings and try the settings sent by other people.

(21) Links to a few important websites are added to the main menu. One can visit jhora yahoogroup by clicking a menu, for example.

A few other bugs and instabilities were addressed.

* * *

I hope Jagannatha Hora users will take advantage of new calculations and features made available in this version. If you are offering JHora on your website for a download, please update to JHora 7.4.

Best regards,
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