Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.51


Download JHora 7.51 now!
2011 February 21

Namaste friends,

Now Jagannatha Hora 7.51 is available for a download. Some instabilities/inaccuracies introduced in JHora 7.5 with the introduction of Sri Surya Siddhanta (SSS) have been addressed and some new features have been added. I am enclosing a list of changes from 7.5 to 7.51 below.

Please spread the word. I hope the new features will be found useful by the world Jyotish community. This is the most robust and most feature-rich JHora ever.

You can download it from

or (tinyurl dot com slash jhorasw)

Note: Those who have 7.3 or later versions should kindly download only the UPDATE, which is less than 1 MB in size. Please do not download the short/full/fullest versions and download only the update, to save bandwidth. The update file, though less than 1 MB, is enough to get all the new features completely.

For any questions on the installation and use of JHora software, please join and post in "jhora" yahoogroup.

Best regards,
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Changes from 7.5 to 7.51:

(1) When SSS is selected as the siddhanta (planetary model) and some sunrise definitions are selected, JHora 7.5 freezes. This is fixed.

(2) In nakshatra dasas, an option is added to shift dasa lordships by any number of nakshatras. For example, one can start Vimsottari dasa from Ardra (instead of Krittika). Then Ardra (instead of Krittika) will give 6 years of Sun dasa, Punarvasu (instead of Rohini) will give 10 years Moon dasa, Pushyami (instead of Mrigasira) will give 7 years of Mars dasa, and so on. [This is recommended by "Lomasha Samhita" for some charts.]

(3) Vimsottari dasa can now be computed using complete anti-zodiacal reckoning (e.g. Rahu-centric theory).

(4) With the same calculation options, planetary longitudes with 7.5 were off from those with 7.4 by a few arc-sec. Values given by 7.4 were accurate and 7.5 drik siddhanta calculation of planets had a bug. This bug is fixed.

(5) Chara dasa, Yogardha dasa, Trikona dasa, Lagna Kendradi Rasi dasa and AK Kendradi Graha dasa can be calculated in divisional charts now.

(6) When SSS is selected (instead of drik siddhanta), no house division system other than "Equal house - 30 deg each" works in 7.5. It is fixed now and all house division systems will work. [The house system taught in a BPHS version saccording to Sri Vinay Jha is not included yet.]

(7) Option was added to the divisional chart calculation options to find divisional longitudes in D-30 by mapping each one degree in rasi to 30 degrees in D-30 or to map arcs (e.g. 5 deg or 8 deg arc) that go to the same sign in D-30 to 30 degrees *together* in D-30.

(8) Chandra Hari ayanamsa implementation is changed to place Shaula star (Lambda Scorpii) at 240 degrees of the sidereal zodiac. This changes ayanamsa by a few arc-seconds compared to JHora 7.5.

(9) When a midpoint was defined as the user defined special point, it was miscalculated in 7.5. It is fixed now.

(10) When longitude-based aurha padas are used, JHora 7.5 gives the longitudes correctly but gives Aswi 1 as the nakshatra of all arudha padas. It is fixed now.