Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.6


Download JHora 7.6 now!
2012 May 27

Namaste friends,

Now Jagannatha Hora 7.6 is available for a download. This includes the fixed star based custom ayanamsa option and some other improvements! I am enclosing a list of changes from 7.51 to 7.6 below.

Please spread the word. I hope the new features will be found useful by the world Jyotish community. This is the most robust and most feature-rich JHora ever.

You can download it from

or (tinyurl dot com slash jhorasw)

Note: Those who have 7.3 or later versions should kindly download only the UPDATE, which is less than 1 MB in size. Please do not download the short/full/fullest versions and download only the update, to save bandwidth. The update file, though less than 1 MB, is enough to get all the new features completely.

For any questions on the installation and use of JHora software, please join and post in "jhora" yahoogroup. I may not reply to JHora queries on other yahoogroups.

Best regards,
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Changes from 7.51 to 7.6:

(1) A custom ayanamsa option is added. User can define an ayanamsa by fixing one of nearly 1,000 fixed stars/clusters (e.g. Aldebaran, Spica, Antares, Shaula, Sirius, Vega, Galactic Center, Great Attractor etc) at a specific longitude. Either the fluctuating ecliptic OR a fixed mean solar rotation plane can be used as the 2D plane of projection. In either case, the chosen star/cluster is always placed at the chosen longitude!

(2) Bhrigu pada progression is added. The positions of seven planets in rasi as well as divisional charts can be progressed using the Bhrigu pada progression.

(3) Quantification of special aspects of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn used in shadbala and "planetary aspect evaluation" were earlier as per Dr Raman's teachings. Now, an option is added to follow Dr Raman's teachings or Parasara's teachings (default). The option can be accessed from the pop-up menu of aspect table.

(4) Planetary aspect table with relationships marked as color codes is added. This table shows the amount of aspect of different planets on different planets or houses, color coded by relationships. It also shows whether the aspecting planet is exlated or debilitated or combust or in moolatrikona or in own house or in a friendly house etc. Please check the popup menu on charts.

(5) Added some missing historic timezone change informaiton for some US cities. Daylight savings time shown for old dates should be more accurate for US cities now. [Note: This will be improved further in future releases.]

(6) SSS (Sri Surya Siddhanta) house system is added for bhava/chalit chakra. It is available only when using the SSS model of planetary calculation (i.e. not available when using drik siddhanta). It is close to Sripathi system, but slightly different.

(7) Ashtottari dasa and Shashtihayani dasa calculation were not using Abhijit correctly. It is fixed now.

(8) Nakshatra shift in Ashtottari dasa and Shashtihayani dasa were not working correctly, as they are defined based on blocks of 4 or 3 nakshatras. It is fixed now. One can start Ashtottari dasa from either Krittika or Ardra as taught by Lomasha Rishi.

(9) The nakshatra dasa seed shift is made more user friendly now. The default nakshatra from where dasas are counted is shown and one can explicitly enter an alternative nakshatra for research.

(10) The "equation of time" to convert linear clock time to non-linear sundial time was modified in SSS mode to use SSS Sun instead of drik siddhanta Sun (as was the case earlier). This is a DISRUPTIVE change that changes the effective time by several seconds or even upto a minute or more. However, it is possible to still rectify the birthtime to a different time compared to before and get the same lagna, Sun, Moon etc. This is a simple change in the effective time corresponding to the time entered. It affects the birthtime rectification.

(11) The nakshatra and nakshatra dasas of DmxDn chart chosen by user were not being calculated correctly earlier. It is fixed now.

(12) Ability to change the size of language fonts while keeping other fonts at the same size is added.