Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.61


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2012 June 10


Please download Jagannatha Hora 7.61 at

This fixes an important bug in JHora 7.6 (see 1 below). All the bug-fixes and new features are listed below.

Also, an automatic update feature is added (no private data from your computer is collected during an automatic update). Hopefully, this will be the last time you have to manually download an update, unzip it and run it!

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Changes from 7.6 to 7.61:

(1) A bug in using the ayanamsa stored in preferences, applicable to all ayanamsas except Lahiri and true Chitrapaksha ayanamsas, was introduced in 7.6 as a side effect of adding fixed star based custom ayanamsa. It is now fixed.

(2) An automatic update feature is added to JHora! JHora can update itself in future, if you have an internet connection. You can of course turn it off if you want, but there is no reason to. Only stable versions will be used in auto update. Moreover, no private data is collected from your computer during an auto update. Auto update makes it very simple and easy for you to be upto date!

(3) The ability to choose a divisional chart is added in Kalachakra dasa. For example, if you choose D-10 Moon, his divisional longitude is used instead of rasi chart longitude.

(4) Sri SM Singh's version of Kalachakra dasa is added. Other available Kalachakra dasa options are better labeled and explained in the selection dialog box.

(5) In Tara dasa, an option is added to use Pt Sanjay Rath's teaching or Parasara's definition. When using Pt Rath's teaching, a few new calculation options are added based on recent suggestions from Pt Rath.

(6) Kshetra sphuta and beeja sphuta (useful for seeing fertility) are added to the longitude display.

(7) Tithi sphuta (Moon-Sun), yoga sphuta (Moon+Sun) and Rahu Tithi Sphuta (Rahu-Sun) are added to the longitude display.

(8) Pushkaramsa planets are listed now. Also, pushkara bhaga distance is now listed for all planets and two options are supported - (a) Jataka Parijatam definition and (b) Sri CS Patel's definition from "Nadi & Navamsa Astrology". [Earlier only (b) was supported and only for Moon.]

(9) An option is added to choose Ta/Sc (as given in some versions of BPHS) or Ge/Sg (as taught by Pt Rath) as the exaltation/debilitation signs of nodes. This can affect the calculation of rasi dasas such as Chara dasa and Narayana dasa.

(10) A bug is fixed in "longitude correlation window" (under transits) and also it is made functionally complete (it was earlier not fully functional). You can correlate transit rasi/divisional longitudes with natal rasi/divisional longitudes and find close aspects, conjunctions, trines and quadrants.

(11) The sum of longitudes of MD lord, AD lord etc (upto selected level) is displayed in nakshatra dasas. Look for "Sum of longitudes of planets upto this level" at the bottom of pop-up menu in nakshatra dasas. If a nakshatra dasa of rasi chart is selected, longitides in rasi chart are used. If a nakshatra dasa of a divisional chart is selected, divisional longitudes are used. [Note: Longitudes of Rahu and Ketu are reckoned from the end of the zodiac.]