Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.62


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2012 June 10

Namaste friends,

Please download Jagannatha Hora 7.62 at

All the bug-fixes and new features are listed below.

If you downloaded 7.61 and did not disable auto update, this should be automatically picked up when you start JHora next time (with internet turned on).

Best regards,
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Changes from 7.61 to 7.62:

(1) A crash in 7.61 on some computers on startup is fixed.

(2) The divisional chart selection in Kalachakra dasa works now.

(3) A couple of bugs in Sri SM Singh version of Kalachakra dasa were fixed.

(4) Antardasas in apasavya cycles in Rao & Rath version and Raghavacharya version of Kalachakra dasa are fixed.

(5) An option is added to enable automatic update of test versions also (alpha and beta). By default, automatic update of only stable versions is enabled and that of test versions is disabled. But users who want to partcipate in the testing of test versions can enable the latter too.

(6) An "ayur dasa" option is added in Narayana dasa. When one is using nodal exaltation as per Pt Rath's teaching and ayur Narayana dasa is computed, Ta/Le are used as the exaltation signs of Rahu/Ketu (instead of Ge/Sg used in regular Narayana dasa). This is as per Pt Rath's teaching as indicated in a recent email.