Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.63


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2012 October 23

Namaste friends,

Happy Vijaya Dasami!

Please download Jagannatha Hora 7.63 at

All the bug-fixes and new features are listed below.

If you downloaded 7.61 or later and did not disable auto update, this should be automatically picked up when you start JHora next time (with internet turned on).

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Changes from 7.62 to 7.63:

(1) Several new calculation options in divisional charts were added. This includes one new definition of D-2, D-3, D-12, D-16, D-20 and D-27, 2 new definitions of D-7 and D-24 and 3 new definitions of D-10 and D-60. The alternative definitions are mostly related to reversal of divisions in an even sign.

(2) Errors in Ashtakavarga ekadhipatya reduction and mandala sodhana in SAV were fixed.

(3) An option is added to reckon divisional longitudes of planets (used in divisional dasas) from the end of a sign and go backwards, when reckoning the signs corresponding to divisions of even signs anti-zodiacally. See the last checkbox in the dialog box obtained by selecting "Prefrences", "Related to Calculations" and "Divisional Chart Calculation Options" in main menu at the top.

(4) Surya Siddhanta mode planetary calculations were updated to reflect the latest communications from Sri Vinay Jha.

(5) Some Surya Siddhanta mode calculations were unnecessarily running even in drik siddhanta mode. Though they did not change any calculations, they were slowing down calculations considerably. This is fixed. Drik siddhanta mode will run faster now.

(6) As a side effect of running some Surya Siddhanta calculations always, it was hanging when opening pre-Kali yuga charts (pre-Kali yuga dates are not supported in Surya Siddhanta mode). Now pre-Kali yuga charts can be opened in drik siddhanta mode.

(7) An option is added for finding Rahu kaala and other kaalas, by dividing day and night separately into 8 equal kaalas. Previous approach was to divide day and night together into 16 equal kaalas. Check "Preferences", "Related to Calculations", "Hora, Kaala & Weekday Start Options".

(8) Rohini-paksha ayanamsa was added. It fixes Aldebaran star in the middle of Rohini nakshatra (16Ta40) always.