Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.64


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2012 December 22

Namaste friends,

Best wishes for Gita Jayanti tonight/tomorrow!

Please download Jagannatha Hora 7.64 at

All the bug-fixes and new features are listed below.

If you downloaded 7.61 or later and did not disable auto update, this should be automatically picked up when you start JHora next time (with internet turned on).

I am seriously embarking on the next step in JHora development, which is to make it work on various platforms such as windows, macs, linux, iPads, iPhones, anroid tablets, android phones etc. There will be no further updates to JHora until I make progress on cross-platform support.

Best regards,
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Changes from 7.63 to 7.64:

(1) An error in the reduction of bhinna ashtakavargas is fixed. The sodhita Ashtakavarga and sodhya pindas were affected by this error.