Improvements in Jagannatha Hora 7.65


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2013 December 31

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You may download Jagannatha Hora 7.65 at

All the bug-fixes and new features are listed below. Among other things, this version adds the newly introduced Pushya-paksha ayanamsa (check

If you downloaded 7.61 or later and did not disable auto update, this should be automatically picked up when you start JHora next time (with internet turned on).

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Changes from 7.64 to 7.65:

(1) Pushya-paksha ayanamsa is added.

(2) An alternative definition of hora lagna, ghati lagna and bhava lagna that eliminates 1 degree discontinuities we have with the traditional definition at sunrise, is supported (see for the details).

(3) True tropical solar year using tropical solar longitude as the measure of time can be used in dasas now. In addition to mean tropical solar years of 365.242190 days (which is already existing), mean sidereal solar year of 365.256364 days is also now available. In other words, one can use mean/true sidereal/tropical solar year in dasas! Previously, only mean tropical solar year and true sidereal solar year were available. Now, all 4 combinations are available.

(4) The above 4 options are available in Tajaka charts too.

(5) An error in the reduction of bhinna ashtakavargas is fixed.

(6) Ability to find when two planets are in *exact* mutual trines or mutual quadrants or mutual 6th/8th or 2nd/12th or 3rd/11th was added in "mundane" tab, as an expansion of conjunction/opposition feature.

(7) A bug due to which the "use sidereal zodiac for nakshatras" checkbox was erroneously disabled when choosing tropical calculations was fixed.