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Getting Private Readings

I have a full time job in high tech that takes up a lot of my time. I have an active family life. I spend a lot of time on spiritual activities. I spend a lot of time on Jagannatha Hora development and improvements. I spend a lot of time on Vedic astrology research. I spend some time teaching astrology and sharing my researches with others.

I have very little time left for giving private readings. People may think, "it will just take 5 minutes to help me", but I get so many mails and so tight on time. So I have to ignore many emails.

I reply to very few emails. So send me an email only if you are prepared for not getting a reply. Send me a private email at with your birthdata (date, time and place of birth), 4-5 events from your life with approximate dates and one or two clear and unambiguous questions. Please make your email short and to the point. If you write a very long email, it is unlikely I will be able to read it.

Also, one is better off doing a Mahaganapthi homa (or any homa) every day or every weekend and praying to god about one's problems, than contacting me. I have no ability to solve people's problems. Even my diagnosis of their problems and prognosis of when things may improve, may not be that good. Prayer is more useful and reliable.

Future World Predictions

Geopolitical Transformation: The period 2000-2030 will see tremendous geo-political transformation and re-arrangement. The changes may be drastic in 2015-2020.

Fall of Capitalism as we know it: When communism fell in 1980s, world assumed that capitalism won. But capitalism as we know it will fall too, in 2000-2030. The changes will be quite rapid during 2015-2025. Eventually, capitalism will be replaced by a newer ideology that will be based more on fairness and Dharma.

Miscellaneous precitions for US, India, China: Please check out this brief write up.

Narendra Modi as India's Prime Minister: Narendra Modi will win 3 terms comfortably, as India's Prime Minister. But, after being re-elected in 2024 for his third term, he will retire in the middle of that term by transferring power to a younger leader, to focus on his spiritual life. Astrological analysis can be seen in an interview with Saptarishis Astrology, published in March 2018. It was also captured a year later in a brief write-up summarizing several world predictions.

Past World Predictions

Indian elections in 2018-2019: KCR will be re-elected as Telangana chief minister. YS Jagan will be elected as AP chief minister. Narendra Modi will be re-elected as India's prime minister.

Barack Obama Will Be Re-elected: US President Barack Obama will be re-elected in the 2012 Presidential election.

Kargil War of 1999: I predicted in an article in "Express Star Teller" magazine that India may have an "unpleasant confrontation with some countries" after "May 19, 1999" and that "India's point of view may be respected in international fora". Kargil War started on May 25, 1999 and Pakistan was forced to beat a retreat after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's emergency visit to US on July 4, 1999.

Vajpayee Govt Fall & Rise in 1999: I predicted in early 1999 that Jayalalita will pull the plug on Vajpayee government in 1999. I also predicted that she would be the loser. I predicted that Vajpayee would continue. I also predicted that Vajpayee's strength would increase from the second half of 1999 and that he would be much more confident and assertive. All that happened.

Fall of Gujral government: I predicted in September 1997 that Indian Prime Minister IK Gujral's minority coalition government at the centre may be in danger soon, despite repeated assurances by Congress to keep supporting. I wrote that the period Nov 10-Dec 20 may be turbulent in Indian politics. The government lost its support on 1997 November 28.

George W Bush second term: Though most astrologers wrote GeorgeW Bush down, I predicted that he would beat Kerry in 2004 presidential elections.

Rise of India in World during 2002-2011 I predicted in 2001: "India will rise in stature and become a dominant nation in the world, politically, economically, culturally and spiritually. From a nation of self-doubters suffering from an inferiority complex and slave mentality developed during the long foreign rule, India will rise like a phoenix and claim its rightful place as a confident and progressive world leader."

Russian conflicts in 1999: I predicted in an article in "Express Star Teller" magazine that "Russia would face unrest and get involved in an armed conflict from August 1999". Russia took action against the Dagestani militants in August 1999 and attacked Chechnya later.

BJP success in 1998-2000: I wrote in early 1998: "It is very likely that BJP will steal the limelight on the stage of Indian politics during 1998-2000 and that they will be in charge of India's destiny for a few years atleast. BJP's tryst with destiny, which eluded them during the brief stint as India's ruling party, may be coming very soon!"

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